Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An EPIC Update: Part 2

So here is my promised second half to yesterday's post :) I often wondered what it would be like to work without an office and before we started weekly services. We have been in the city and working for 6 weeks now. While I am only beginning to understand what it's like to work in a mobile office in an urban setting I can share with you my experience so far!

Most mornings our staff starts off working together at Panera Bread around 8:30. As I walk in I am greeted by name from Kristine, an employee. She is always energetic and smiling (she remembered our names after coming in just a few times). We catch up on life for a few minutes and then get to discussing different things that we are preparing for. By 9:30, I am looking around for Celso, the baker. He brings around samples of souffl├ęs and cinnamon rolls. He is wonderful. On a tray, he has choices of 4 cheese, spinach or ham and cheese souffl├ęs. He usually points out the ham and cheese on the tray because now he knows that is my favorite. We continue to work up until lunchtime.

Most days I walk home for lunch. It is about a twenty minute walk and on a good day my Ben breaks at the same time and we can eat together! We often spend the afternoons working on things in our area of responsibility. Half of the week I work from my apartment and half of the week we all work from Tim's apartment or the 19th floor of Ben Pilgreen's building.

Primarily, my area of responsibility includes overseeing our small groups system, connecting our church to the city, coordinating mission teams and children's ministry. Right now my focus is on coordinating mission teams from our partner churches and figuring what children's ministry might look like. The very first mission team that is serving with Epic will be here in less than two months and we are thrilled! I am currently working on setting up serving opportunities for each team. This allows me to research and meet with several different organizations in the city that are helping people in various ways and discovering how Epic Church might partner with them. I have limited background in children's ministry so I am learning a ton in this area, working on things like curriculum and what we will need to get started. I usually finish working around 5 and head home!

One of the best parts of most days is when I get to check the mail. I love coming home and going straight to the mail box. I walk down the hall with anticipation of something great (like a card or note and even a package) being in our tiny box! Here is our address for anyone who wants a pen-pal or just wants to say "hi" :)
The Lees
180 Brannan Street #414
San Francisco, CA 94107

Being mobile allows us to meet people and rapidly provides a change of scenery which is fun! I LOVE what I get to do everyday and am so thankful to be here in this great city starting a church!

- We had so much fun with the video blog that we are thinking of making another. Stay tuned...

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