Friday, August 24, 2012

Update on Little Lee

In very few ways does it feel like I have been pregnant forever.  For me, the time has flown by!  I am thankful for that and credit it to still feeling so great most of the time.  I know not everyone has that experience so I am beyond grateful!  Because I feel so good, I keep thinking I have a ton of time left to get things ready and prepare but my sweet husband reminds me, we are running out of time :) 

I woke up today and somehow...

  • I have passed the 37 week mark, which means baby boy is full term
  • I have less than 20 days until my due date
  • We spent 8 hours at a birthing class
  • We've had 2 baby showers where friends and family and have given generously to our family 
  • We have a nursery (almost completed) with a crib and a changing table area and a glider 
  • A closet FULL of cloths from newborn to 12months (thanks for ALL the hand me downs)
  • The car seat is secure in the car 
  • My hospital bag is packed...well it's getting there 

I am still walking to work and home everyday and will continue to as long as I feel up to it.  I am starting to find myself slowing down a bit.  I can still do most things, it just takes me longer to do them. I go to the doctor on Monday and we start weekly visits until the little one arrives.  Two weeks ago I was excited about getting an ultrasound, as I have only had two throughout my pregnancy (9wks & 18wks).   The ultrasound was to confirm that baby was in the proper position, head down, which thankfully he is!  It was so fun to get a quick glimpse of our baby - it had been too long!  It's a little wild for me to think that next time we see him, it will be face to face.  

Here are some of the highlights fromt the last 18 weeks :) 

Ben painting the nursery 

Finished crib 

Family Shower in New Orleans (27wks)
Babymoon in Mexico (28wks)

Epic Church Shower (31wks)

Hand made onesies
One of my favorite guests at the Epic Shower, Sophia Milner (31wks) 

A VERY rare belly shot :)... (34wks)

Tahoe Retreat with staff
Lake Tahoe - (36wks)


  1. Lindsey, you look great! I'm glad your pregnancy is such a breeze and I cannot wait to meet Little Lee (and hear what name you picked). Your blog post made me tear up a bit. I am sentimental like that when it comes to babies and becoming parents. Oh well. XO

  2. You are SO cute! I can't believe you are full term!! I am so excited for you! I wish I could come out and see the nursery and all the cute baby stuff!

  3. Um yes, you look so awesome, Lindsey!! Can't wait to see pics of that precious baby!! So glad you have been feeling so great. Such a blessing! Love you, friend! Miss you!!