Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daily Life

Life in San Francisco is so different from anywhere else that Ben and I have lived. I wanted to share with you some things from daily life here that we are adjusting to!

#1 Life with NO air conditioning is not so bad after all.

Ben and I are originally from Louisiana and spent the last three years in Alabama. We know what hot is and are used to using the air conditioner most of the calendar year. Our apartment here has NO air conditioning. At first, I though it was just our complex but I quickly learned that no apartments here have it! This continues to blow my mind but thankfully we are adjusting quite well with the use of windows and fans. The weather has actually been quite chilly here this week but we do experience warm days. We opened our windows the day we moved in and have never closed them! We live on a busy street so we have learned to let the sounds of cars and people put us to sleep at night. One major plus is how low our electric bill is!

*This fan is our sanity on the warm nights or when I am cooking :)

#2 Walking is the usually the best form of transportation.

Walking everywhere is a really good thing for us but it has taken some getting used to. I used to walk for exercise some but mostly only walked to and from my car. Now I walk to work, the post office, the coffee shop, a friend's house and to go shopping or out to eat! Sometimes I walk five or six miles a day! You have to accommodate more time to do things but I LOVE getting the exercise. I did learn quickly that I would have to trade my flip flops/sandals for shoes with socks!

* Example: I walked this morning to our friend Josh's apartment to watch the World Cup and it is 1.1 miles one way!

#3 We wash and dry across the hall.

I am the queen of waiting until we have no clean clothes left to do laundry or doing a whole load of laundry because I need my favorite shirt or pair of pants. In our complex none of the apartments come with washer/dryer units but there is a laundry room on every floor. This concerned me (and my best friend who is always looking out for me) a great deal because of my known laundry habits. On move-in day I was beyond grateful to discover the laundry room is literally right across the hall from our apartment. What a blessing and answered prayer! It does cost to wash and dry here so I have still had to work on my laundry habits but the convenience is wonderful! We also worked a deal with our friends. When we babysit their kids we get to do laundry there also!

*We do have the luxury of doing many loads at one time!

Everyday life is very different here and Ben and I are continually adjusting but loving every minute of it! We are so thankful for God's faithfulness and provision in our lives. We are grateful that San Francisco is home - some days we walk around and can't believe that we actually get the chance to live here!

I am working on posting a video blog of our apartment and an update on Epic Church!

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  1. Looks like things are off to a good start. Praying for opportunities for you guys. The longs