Sunday, February 6, 2011

How the griddle changed our life...

Ben has asked for a griddle for quite some time. We bought a kitchen table at Christmas so we decided not to give each other any gifts. Of course, I didn't stick to those rules :) Macy's was having a HUGE sale so I decided to surprise Ben with a griddle for Christmas!!

It has really changed the way we cook - in such a great way! I used to do the cooking 95% of the time, now we cook together (or Ben does the cooking)!! We usually have breakfast for dinner at least once a week and now we make pancakes on Saturday mornings! We have also attempted twice to cook chicken and fried rice hibachi style - this may be the biggest win for us food wise!

Here are some pics of our new toy in action!

If you don't have a griddle, I highly recommend getting one!

While we are on the topic of food...haha! I made a new sauce for hot wings a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share. I love Honey BQQ hot wings but haven't found any place to get them here so I decided to try them at home.

1/4 cup of butter
5 tablespoons of Louisiana Hot Sauce
A couple of squeezes of Honey BBQ Sauce (to taste)

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  1. I LOVE my griddle! But I've never thought of cooking hibachi on it - genius! I'll let you know how it goes... miss you friend!