Thursday, February 17, 2011

Epic Launch!

Epic Church successfully launched last Sunday and we are feeling a combination of the following: grateful, thrilled, overwhelmed, inspired, encouraged, humbled and a little bit tired - if I'm honest :) So here are some things I wanted to share about February 13th:

  • 196 San Franciscans showed up! We could not have been more excited about this!
  • Over 45 local adults served before, during and after the service! We also had 2 mission teams from TX and FL as well as help from two churches in the bay area.
  • There were 65 first time guest who shared their information with us on the communication card.
  • 7 people indicated they would like to become a followers of Jesus!! And 10 people indicated they would like to volunteer during the next service!

The response was truly overwhelming. Needless to say we have been following up with people since early Monday morning. Here are some of my favorite moments from Sunday:

  • About 45 minutes before the service started we had a 5 minute meeting with all of our volunteers. It was so neat to see this HUGE circle of people who have decided to be a part of Epic.
  • I met with all my Epic Kids workers and was moved to tears by their sacrifice and service. You see, when someone serves in Epic Kids, they miss the entire worship service. I looked around the table to see 10 people willing to miss the Grand Opening so that kids can experience God's love and hear his truth in an age appropriate setting - their example of selflessness was inspiring.
  • To actually be able to hear the crowd singing "Our God is Greater" was something I will never forget. It's the first time I've heard our crowd overwhelming sing in any of the services. For a moment, I realized where we were and what God was doing and again overwhelmed, tears..:)
  • Ben Pilgreen challenged people to spend the next four weeks seeking God with us on Sunday mornings and throughout the week to see what they find. I know of several people who said they would take this challenge. Praying for God to continue to reveal himself to us and these people.
  • After the service I got to briefly speak with a woman. She held my hand and with tears in her eyes, she told me that she had a story. I told her I would love to hear it. She told me that it's time for a new beginning in her life and since Epic is just beginning too maybe she could start her new beginning with Epic. I told her I would love for her to. We are getting lunch later this week. I can't wait to hear more.

I could go on for days :) Each of you are a significant part of this journey with us. Thank you for your endless prayers and support. We could not be doing this in the way we are without you. It's so weird because we have waited and prayed for this day for over two years. Now that this day has come and gone, we realize this is only the beginning. We continue to pray for God to create a movement in San Francisco - that his love might be known among people here and that many would spend the rest of their lives following Jesus.

Here are a couple pictures from the day :)

*Part of the Launch Team that helped make Sunday possible

*Ben Pilgreen teaching

*The crowd being dismissed

*Can you sense our excitement from the day?!

With so much love,

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  1. So exciting! Thanks for sharing! Praising God for what He is doing and will do in the hearts of those in San Fran through ya'll!