Monday, July 25, 2011


It is with great excitement that we announce that God has given Epic a permanent space in our target area. Many of you know we have been praying about this for the past few months. We signed a 3-year lease this past Monday afternoon. To say it was a surreal moment would be an understatement. Without going into all of the details, things happened in this process that only God could have done.

We shared this incredible news with our church yesterday morning. Our faith community is excited about what this means for our church. We have space on the lower level of a great building that is located at 543 Howard Street, right in the middle of downtown San Francisco. It is less than 2 blocks from where we currently meet at the W Hotel on 3rd and Howard.

Because it is already properly zoned and there is no major construction necessary, we will actually hold our first worship service there on August 21, 2011. One of the coolest things about getting this space this week is that momentum has never been greater at Epic. Attendance has averaged over 130 people the last 4 weeks and we are preparing for our second baptism on August 7th.

How You Can Help Furnish 543 Howard

There are quite a few things that we will have to purchase to get our space ready at 543 Howard. We have been using the W Hotel’s stage and chairs, so we’ll have to purchase those for starters. There are some other things that will have to be bought as well. You can click
here to see how you can be a part of moving Epic Church into its new space. For as little as $60, you can purchase one of the 230 chairs that we will be buying for the space. You can do more or less, of course. You’ve helped us so much to get this far and we are excited to partner together on this endeavor as well.

We will continue to keep you updated about the process of moving into this space. I could not be more excited about the future of our church!

*copied from Ben Pilgreen's Blog


  1. That is SO SO awesome, Lindsey!!! Love you and will definitely be praying for your move to the new site!! Love hearing what God is doing!

  2. I just followed you on pinterest under my pseudonym! :) Glad to see Lindsey pictures! Love and miss you, friend!!