Friday, July 15, 2011

A year in review...

It's hard to believe that Ben and I have lived in San Francisco for over a year now. Since we moved to the city on May 31, 2010 SO much has happened. Time seems like it passing faster than ever before. I wanted to share the last year in review through some pictures. In the last year our faith has been tested, our hope renewed and through the joys and struggles we have seen many prayers answered. It's been a fun year, full of adventure and unknown. Here's a look back...

*Our first apartment - sometimes we miss the 430sq ft studio....just kidding :)

*MK came to live with us

*Our very first launch team meeting (12) & our last meeting before we launched (~36)

*Ben turned 29 & I turned 27

*Ben got a job!!!

*Many of you bought gifts for our Epic Kids Baby Shower

*After months of working out of Panera Bread, Epic got offices!

*Our first Christmas in our new 1br apartment :)

*Epic Church launched weekly services & our first Easter

*3 ladies share stories of redeemed lives and get baptized

*Our first big serving event in the city

Looking forward to seeing all that happens in the next 12 months!

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