Saturday, September 24, 2011

Camping Adventures :)

Recently, Ben and I kept all three of the Pilgreen boys overnight. Ben P. and Shauna were at a wedding in Sonoma for a couple from Epic. Ben performed the ceremony.

We decided to make their stay an adventure!

It was just me and Asher on Friday while Elijah and Sam were at school. We spent the morning playing baseball and reading books. I got a call from a friend who I needed to meet up with to pick up some tickets. She works at AT&T park and said we could stop by. While we were there, she gave us a private tour of the ballpark! Asher is a HUGE Giants fan so it was a ton of fun :)

*This is us down by the field behind home plate

*Asher got to see the World Series ring up close & we left with a TON of treats

It was SUCH a fun start to the day!! We headed to pick the boys up from school. It was a sunny day so we decided to go swimming for a little bit. Sun can be rare at times so I thought we would take advantage of it.

After swimming the big adventure of the weekend began - CAMPING!! ....well sort of :) We thought it would be fun to "camp" out on our patio for the night. Shauna rented a tent and I got stuff to make s'mores . Putting up the tent was tougher than it looks. And yes...that is an air mattress you see. Me, Asher and Sam started out in the tent watching movies and playing games. At 9:30, Asher asked if we could go inside so we did. Ben and Elijah came out and stayed the night in the tent with Sam. **Funny story - I didn't want to sleep with the patio door unlocked so I locked the door and told Ben to call me if they needed anything. At 5:30am, Ben texted because they needed to use the restroom. After that they decided to stay in! It was such a fun time and an adventure for sure :)

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