Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanksgiving before Christmas

So I am definitely a "let's celebrate Thanksgiving before we get to Christmas" kind of girl. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving that I want to remember here. As we are doing SO MANY fun things for Christmas right now that I want to post, I thought I should first document Thanksgiving. Clearly, I neglected the blog the whole month of November :)

Ben and I traveled to New Orleans to spend the whole week of Thanksgiving with my family. It was nice because we had not seen any of them since Christmas, almost a year. I miss my family, especially my two sweet nieces who are getting too old, too quick! I think I was there for all of 30 seconds when they suckered me into to jumping on the trampoline. Life where I grew up is so different from our lives right now. Not better or worse, just completely different. So it was nice to be in wide open spaces, in a house with no internet, a yard full of trees and a kitchen full of cajun food....all with my crazy family! Here are some pictures along the way...

*After Thanksgiving, we let them open presents since we wouldn't see them for Christmas

I didn't manage to get any pictures but I also got to spend time with one of my oldest childhood friends and meet her precious baby boy. Ben and I were spoiled when some of best friends drove several hours in the rain to have dinner with us :) A week well spent with those we love.

We have SO SO much to be thankful for. We have experienced SO much this year and people in our lives have been so generous with us. We are grateful for the lives we are living and for everyone who plays a part in them. Thank you!

Now bring on Christmas!!!

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