Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Lee on the way...

After months away, I thought I would get back to blogging with the best news first!

Ben and I are so thrilled to be expecting our first child this September! I am almost 16 weeks along and in love with the 2nd trimester. After a few weeks of constant nausea and sickness, I am feeling really good.

We have ben able to hear the heartbeat and see our sweet baby twice so far! We are looking forward to the big ultrasound in a few weeks and getting to see the major organs and four chambers of the heart. It's amazing to me how tiny our baby is and yet how clearly you can see the heart beating and other features.

Ben had a conference in New Orleans recently so we were able to tell our family in person. It was fun to watch when they all had the ah-hah moment.

I am excited to be back documenting our journey and being able to share it with family and friends. Next, I want to tell you about some big things happening at Epic.

with love,



  1. AHHHH! So excited for you Lindsey!! all will be great parents!

  2. Me too!!!!! SO SO excited for you guys!!!!! Can't wait to hear more about your sweet baby!!!

  3. Super exited for you guys! I am only about 9 weeks ahead of you. Praise God for sweet babies!

  4. OH HOW exciting!!! So happy for you!! Prayers for a safe and smooth pregnancy!!