Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A BIG day for Ben Lee

Happy Birthday to Ben!

Ben turned 29 today and it was a full day of celebrating. I made coffee for him before I left for work and then brought Chinese take out (a favorite) home for lunch! After lunch Ben had an interview with a company he has been talking to for a couple of weeks now - what a big day?!

We are learning what it means to wait and to be in process when it comes to the job hunt. He has been talking to this company for weeks and if he stays in the process it may be a couple of more weeks before he knows anything for sure. We are so encouraged by today. He had a great meeting. I am constantly asking, so what happens next? He has a phone call tomorrow and another in person interview Thursday or Friday. So many people from all over have been faithfully praying with us about this. Thank you. We are strengthen by your prayers and encouraged by your love and support!

Once Ben got home, it was back to Birthday celebrations! Check out this cake - starts off looking really nice :)

Before I knew it, the top of my three layer cake started to lean...crack and there was no stopping it! I set the top part on a plate to contemplate what to do next...haha!

Friends arrived and all of sudden it is time to sing. I put the cake back together, lit the candles and told the kids to sing fast! Not too shabby for a rebuild :)

Time for presents and time to share the cupcake! Ben decided that we would get each of the kids a present to open after cake and ice cream. He also had two to open - the new Madden video game (thanks to my mom and sister) and a surprise from me! We are going to see WICKED next week before it leaves the city - can't wait!!

What a fun day?!?! I love celebrating birthdays and this was our first one in the city which was certainly special. I slacked on the blog this week but promised to keep you posted especially when we hear about the job. That may warrant another video blog...what to you think?

with so much love -


  1. I am so glad you are doing well! It is great to hear what is going on in SF, and know we are continuing to pray that BLee finds the job that fits him well. Melissa's birthday was just two weeks ago, and I got us tickets to see Wicked in San Antonio in February!! Great choice LeeLee

  2. You will LOVE Wicked! I saw it in New Orleans this year and am seeing it again in Little Rock in November...AMAZING!