Saturday, August 7, 2010

Looking for something familiar...

Last weekend Ben and I were planning on going on a date. Saturday came and we were trying to decide where to eat. We both had a busy week and our minds were tired. The Giants played an afternoon game and it was over right at 5pm. People were pouring out of the stadium and into the streets and restaurants. We were looking to relax and just not in the mood to fight crowds and busy streets. So we decided to drive to San Bruno, about 20 minutes south of the city. The Target we go to is there so we knew there were also places to eat. Much to our surprise and maybe to yours we suddenly found ourselves at Chili's! Yes, you read that right. We live in a city that prides itself on local establishments and unique dining experiences and Chili's was our desire!

The server brought us a menu but we didn't look twice at it! We already knew what we wanted.
First - Strawberry Lemonade

Next up - Spinach and Artichoke fav

For the main course Ben and I split the chicken crispers. I was so excited that I forgot to snap a picture :) We couldn't leave without the molten lava cake - another favorite!

We had such a good time and enjoyed every bite of our food. Looking back, I think we were just craving something familiar. We didn't have to think about the menu or whether we would like our food. Nothing about our experience was new and we were in for no surprises! It's not the norm here so it was quite refreshing.

Now I must say, as much as we loved this moment of familiarity, we were anxious to be back in the city that we love and back discovering the new adventures of everyday life here! So as we decided on a restaurant for our lunch date today the mission district was the first place we looked. We stumbled upon Little Star, known for it's Chicago deep dish style pizza. We had fun finding street parking and feeding the meter quarters.

And the pizza was AMAZING! We first had this style pizza last December when we were celebrating our best friend's birthday in Chicago. We are hooked and you should try it when you can!

sending LOVE from the foggy city,

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