Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's catch up...

So first I must apologize since it has been well over a week since I blogged. It is my intention to post at least once a week but it just didn't happen last week. So there is a lot to catch up on!

Many of you faithfully pray for us and specifically for Ben to get a job. We are beyond grateful for your support in this way. We can't express how much it means to us to have so many people in our lives who love and encourage us. Ben was 6 weeks into an interview process with a tech company in our neighborhood. He interviewed with 7 different people and we were hopeful this might be the job for him. We found out last Wednesday he didn't get the job. We were disappointed and heartbroken to say the least. We are continuing to choose to believe and trust in God's faithfulness and timing. Ben found out today that he has a job interview on Thursday and Friday with two new companies. Both of them align with his past experience. We will keep you posted for sure!

Some recent highlights from life:

*If you read about Ben's birthday you know he got tickets to see WICKED. Well we went on Thursday night and LOVED every minute of it!! I had seen it before but it was Ben's first time and I was thrilled he enjoyed it as much as I hoped he would! I am terrible at remembering to take pictures. These are the only two I have from the night :( A wicked beach towel and Ben took one of me waiting for the train.

*A couple of weeks ago we got to attend a special event at a restaurant that was about to open. You could order any one thing off the menu for free. Ben and I got a large pepperoni/sausage pizza to split and they were also handing out free bottled coke - it was SO good! This pizza is unique because it is cooked in a special oven that heats to 1000 degrees and it only takes 3 minutes to cook. The owner came out and shared his favorites from the menu and thanked us for being there. Such a fun experience - thanks to the Pilgreens for the golden ticket that allowed us to get in!!

*I finally got my first haircut in the city! I was so excited!! I went to the Aveda Institute where students who are still learning are the ones doing the cutting. Reasons why I LOVE this:
  • It's way cheaper - To get your hair washed, cut, dried and styled it is only $19. They also massage your shoulders, neck and head. I went to a really nice salon with great products for half the price of most places here.
  • It's such a fun experience - I love that students are learning and practicing on my hair. David, my stylist, was excited and ready to practice new techniques he was learning.
*We also just hosted the Epic Kids Baby Shower last Friday night (I really need to blog more)! It was so much fun. We are overwhelmed by the gifts of so many people. We are so thankful for the investment of so many in Epic Kids. I am going to dedicate a whole post (I promise) to this event with more pictures and video too! Here is a sneak peak :)

Thanks always for encouraging us, praying for us and loving us through this journey of life!


  1. One warning about the Aveda Institue...NEVER COLOR your hair there, i did it in New Orleans and it was a DISASTER! Praying for you guys!

  2. Lindsey, you look so cute and fashionable in that picture by the train! Teach me your ways! And I LOVE your haircut!!!

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  4. You look so cute in your picture Lindsey!!