Sunday, November 28, 2010

A little bit of everything...

There is always so much going on here. I feel like when I sit down to blog there are too many different things to blog I sometimes just don't :) Here are some random things from the last couple of days/weeks!

On Monday my class was canceled so I thought I would kick off the week with some ice skating! Our friend Diana takes lessons and was so nice to show me and Kristin the ropes.
*The indoor rink at Yerba Buena

Skating was so much fun we decided to go again at the outdoor rink in Union Square. My friend Mary did all the branding for the rink so she scored us free tickets!!
*Some of our group at the outdoor rink

We totally braved Black Friday more than once...haha. So late Thursday afternoon Ben and I had dinner with friends here to celebrate Thanksgiving. Ben and I decided that we were going to rest and not do anything on Black Friday. After dinner someone said they just heard that GAP's entire store was 50% off from 6-10am. At this moment, Ben knew our day of rest was not happening. You see, there is this dress I have been eyeing at GAP for a couple weeks but I couldn't justify paying full price for it. 50% off?!?! I could definitely do that! So we decided that we would hit GAP but that was all for us. the time dessert is done, plans are being made for a 10:20pm movie and then a midnight run to Old Navy. Can you tell where this story is going? Ben and I went home after dinner and before we knew it, we were walking to meet friends at 9:30. Why not?! It is only one day a year :)

Here's the kicker - living in the city, we walk everywhere. So we left at 9:30pm and walked 1.2miles to a movie and Old Navy. We walked 1.2 miles back home at 2:00am. Then we woke up at 5:30 and actually rode the train (running late) to Gap. Then at 8am we walked 1.2miles back home. 3.6 miles and all for this!

So we slept from 8:30-10:30am but then woke up to head to Josh's for the Iron Bowl. We watch most of the BAMA games at Josh's place which is always fun. This game started fun but didn't end well for us. Already looking forward to next season....ROLL TIDE!

So we went home around 3:00pm and made plans to go to the lighting of the tree with our friends Josh and Carrie Beth. We met up at 5:00pm, walked another 2miles to Union Square. It was way more crowded than we expected but SO beautiful.

*Macy's all lit up

So because of the crowds we couldn't see the stage (Katherine McPhee and others performed) or much of the tree. In the middle of the singing, we walked to meet some other friends who were on the street behind the stage. Carrie Beth and I wanted to see how close we could get so we climbed on a wall and literally through some shrubs to get right on side of the stage.

*Here we are watching from the bushes

*And finally the lighting of the tree

It's still Friday, in case you lost track. We were hungry and tired of turkey so we decided we would grab something on the 2mi walk back home. The group was wanting something spicy so we landed on going to a Thai restaurant. Here is a milestone for me. If you know me well, you know two things...I can be a selective eater (aka picky) and Thai food is not on the list. The group offered to get pizza but in the spirit of adventure and being tired out of my mind, I said "no...Thai food is great!" Ben and Josh assured me that I would find something on the menu. I was very conservative in ordering but I ate it and loved it and would go back!

So we got home around 8:30 and I don't even remember falling asleep. It wasn't our planned day of rest but after a late movie, midnight Old Navy, 6am GAP, the Iron Bowl, a tree lighting, Thai food and walking 7.6 miles...who can complain?! It turned out to be a fun-filled great day!

We are getting our day of rest though...It's currently 11:25 on Sunday morning, Ben is still sleeping and we really don't have any plans for today!


  1. what a fun first thanksgiving in the city! :) love the dress!

  2. Jordan and I hit up the Gap on Black Friday as well, but I bet that doesn't surprise you! The dress is super cute!!

  3. What a fun, tiring day!! LOVE the dress!! Worth it in my book! :)

  4. Just a heads up the Sexton's are planning a family trip to San Francisco in August. Reed wants to go to a Giants game! We would love to make a Epic Service and hang out with yall while we are there. Look at your calendars and pencil us in for the first week in August. Cant wait to see yall!!

  5. SanFran looks magical for Christmastime! :)