Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bessie Carmichael

First let me say that this is WAY over due :) As you can tell I started write this on November 2nd and am just finishing it today, November 9th!

Before I can update you on the second preview service, I have to follow-up on something from the first! If you read about 10.10.10 (if not, you can read here), you know that at the first Epic Church preview we received an offering in the service with the intention of giving 100% of it away to buy supplies for Bessie Carmichael Elementary School. It was our desire early on to partner with a public school if possible. With all the budget cuts in the state, public schools in California took a big hit.

We chose to serve Bessie Carmichael for many reasons - here are a few:
  • It is the only school I have seen in our neighborhood
  • It educates children from predominantly low-income families who are in great need
  • It's principal said YES to working with us!
Once we received and counted the offering, we asked the school for a wish list that included some basic supplies I assumed every school had. A few items on the list:
  • retractable ball point pens
  • sharpies
  • binders
  • composition books
  • staplers for teacher
  • dry erase markers
  • network printers (We were able to get one!)
  • laminating machine
  • hole punchers
  • copy paper
  • prizes for kids games
We weren't able to get everything but did as much as we could. It was a great joy to shop for everything and deliver it to the school last Tuesday. Ben Pilgreen and I had the privilege to deliver the supplies to a very excited and grateful staff at the school office! Here is a picture of it all!

We want to be a church and people who love and serve the city well. Pray as we continue to figure out ways to do that through Bessie Carmichael and as well as other opportunities.

more to come....


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