Sunday, January 2, 2011

Can I post date this one?!

So I am waaaaay behind on blogging. I should be posting on reflections from 2010 and looking forward to the new year but I have to document our Christmas some more. Let's just say that December kind of got away from me :) So can we post date this one?!

Since Epic is not having weekly services yet I was fortunate to be able to take extended time away this Christmas. I left the city on December 18 and returned on the 31st! Here are some of my adventures from those 14 days...

I started my trip in Tuscaloosa. It was a super special treat that I got to stay with my best friend Lauren and her husband Alan for a couple of days to start my break. Ben and I are so grateful for their friendship - the only bummer is Ben couldn't join me! I had so much fun catching up, laughing and hanging out that I decided to push my flight back and stay an extra day :) While in t-town, I got to see many people/families that I love dearly and worship with my Calvary church family. I also got to eat Chick-fil-a and go to Hobby Lobby (thanks Karly:)) which was awesome since there are NONE in San Fran. I soaked up and enjoyed every minute I was there!

These are the only two pictures I managed to take with my phone while I was there.
*The Hendersons and I, along with Jordan and Carlin ate one night at Hokkaido which is my favorite hibachi restaurant of all time.

*Me and Lauren at the BAMA basketball game.

After t-town, I headed to New Orleans to see my family! My sister and my sweet nieces greeted me at the airport. We saw Tangled, went to the zoo, roasted marshmallows and ate way too much while I was there!

*At the zoo with tons of animals and all these two want to do is climb trees :)

*Did I mention that icees are hard to come by in San Fran...So I had atleast one a day while I was in Louisiana!

On Christmas Eve, Ben flew into New Orleans. We drove 6 hours to Shreveport to spend Christmas with his family. It was so great to spend time together with family. On Christmas I was more excited to carve the turkey and ham than to open presents - I think I get that from my dad! I actually asked Ben today if I could have an electric knife :)

Ben had to be back on the 28th so I hung out with my family for a bit longer before heading back to the city on the 31st. It was nice to be back in our apartment but I loved the time we got to spend with people we love so much but don't get to see that often!

more on reflections from 2010 and anticipation for the new year to come...I think I am starting to fall asleep typing...


  1. I'm so sad I didn't get to see you while you were in LA! I'm glad you had such a great time though! I miss you!

  2. I bet that trip was good for the soul! Especially the Chickfila part...don't know what I would do without that place! ha Love you girl and glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!