Sunday, January 16, 2011

On my way to 27 (part 2)

So I apologize....I definitely lied to the blog world when I said I would post "tomorrow" last week :)

In an attempt to finishing recapping on the last year here are 5 things that I learned (or was reminded of really) on my way to 27 -

1. Sharing makes the family work - If there was ever a year where I lived in this phrase it was this past year. By "sharing" I mean giving generously out of abundance and poverty and by "family" I mean the church and at the same time I literally mean our family. As we were in need people have seriously shared their car, money, house, clothes, food, time and countless other resources with us this year. What a beautiful picture of the church?! I pray that as we have been abundantly blessed this year, we have also in some way been a blessing to others by sharing what we have been given.

2. Waiting is hard - Ben started looking for job six months before we moved to San Francisco. We lived here for four months before Ben found a new job. Waiting for Ben to discover the perfect job in San Fran was a tough time for us. We definitely learned a lot but the waiting was really hard at times. One upside to waiting a long time for something...when you finally receive it the celebration is huge :)

3. My life is richer because of the people in it - I feel too lucky/blessed/fortunate/undeserving when I think about the amazing people in my life. I find myself short on words to adequately express how grateful I am for the people who surround me with love, encouragement, honesty and prayer.

4. My husband is a ROCKSTAR - One of those people who make my life richer is the hubs aka Ben Lee. He works hard to protect and provide for me. Ben makes life fun for us and goes to great lengths to keep me laughing. Ben supports and encourages me every day to pursue the dreams and to explore the passions God has given me. Through the waiting and not so easy times of this last year, I watched Ben persevere with strength and grace. I have the upmost respect and love for my sweet husband. He really is the best :)

5. God loves me and is faithful - Through the sharing and waiting and pursuing and living this past year, I was reminded of this over and over again...God loves me and is faithful. Those may seem to be two simple truths but they are two simple truths I held tight to on my way to 27.

Here are just a few things I am looking forward to on my way to 28...
  • Epic Church launches on Feb 13th
  • Friends getting married
  • Ben turns 30!!!!
  • Visits from family and friends to SF (hint...hint) :)

And I promise to try not to lie to the blog world about posting "tomorrow" aka in ten days.

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