Saturday, January 8, 2011

On my way to 27... (part 1)

I decided to combine my "reflecting on 2010" post with my "reflecting on year 26" post since the dates are close to the same :) As I rang in the new year and then celebrated my birthday on Jan 5th, I couldn't help to pause and remember all that happened in the last year. So here are some of my favorite moments on my way to 27....

*Kicked off the new year (2010) in Chicago

*Trip to Nashville for Benefit Haiti Concert with my dearest friend Lahh

*Last Semester at The Well

*Extra day at San Destin with my Tuscaloosa staff family

*Spent the day at Magic Kingdom

*Ben and I celebrated 5 years of marriage

*Moved to San Francisco


*BBQ with neighbors at our apartment complex

*Epic Kids had a baby shower

*Ben got a job!!!!!!

*Epic Church had its first three worship services

*Ben and I got to spend Christmas in the south with best friends and family

So so much has happened in the last year - there is MUCH I am leaving out...but here's to some of the fun moments I'm remembering. I also learned a lot this past year. I wanted to share 5 things I learned but I'm fading part 2 tomorrow :)

Thanks to my husband, friends and family who make my life so much fun!

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